Dublin Boiler Servicing

At plumbing services, we specialize in Dublin boiler servicing. A dedicated team of R.G.I. experts have been carrying out oil and gas boiler servicing for over 30 years throughout the county hence our knowledge and experience is second to none.

 Dublin boiler servicing and the benefits

A boiler service to some people can seem a waste of money but this could not be further from the truth. Read below all the benefits of having your boiler serviced annually.

  • A boiler service can reduce your heating bills. A boiler that hasn’t been serviced for 3 years once serviced can save you up to 15% annually.
  • A boiler service can save lives. An annual inspection means the carbon dioxide emissions are checked. Carbon Monoxide can cause illness or prove fatal if your boiler has developed a leak. An R.G.I. accredited engineer also checks for water leaks. A leak can cause structural damage to your property and in worst case scenarios get in contact with water, this becomes a dangerous fire hazard.
  • Avoiding inconvenience and costly repairs. An annual boiler service is like giving your car an N.C.T. test because the plumber checks all the parts are working correctly. In doing this any problems can be identified at an early stage. Early diagnosis will mean issues can be addressed there and then rather than waiting until the boiler breaks down at the most inconvenient time. This in turn, can save time and money.

Take advantage of our great prices for Dublin boiler servicing

A price for boiler servicing can be attained by just calling 01-6874852. We do this because prices vary depending on the model and make. We know Bord Gais energy charge €99, we don’t! Our charges range between €60 – €85 and that includes the V.A.T. Why not take advantage of our summer special rather than paying through the nose? All boilers serviced in June, July, and August for €75 V.A.T. inclusive. Call plumbing services Dublin, rather than wait, make your appointment today.

R.G.I registered Dublin boiler servicing

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